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The following papers were presented to the Canadian Society of Church History, but were not made available for publication: Eleanor Stebner, “Apologizing for Past Wrongs: A Step Towards Global Citizenship?”; Marguerite Van Die, “‘What God hath joined . . .’: Religious Perspectives on Marriage and Divorce in Late Victorian Canada”; Darren Dochuk, “Hillybilly Preachers, Plain Folk, and ‘Ham and Eggs’: California’s Tumultuous Turn from Depression-era Populism to Post-war Conservatism”; Gary Miedema,“‘A Christian Country’: Religious Broadcasting and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1938-1960”; Sachiyo Takashima, “Women Who Made a Great Bridge Between North America and Japan: Gwen Norman and Haru Matsukata Reischauer, and their Efforts to Create Mutual Understanding”; and Gordon Heath, “‘Forming Sound Public Opinion’: Late Victorian Canadian Protestant Press and Nation-Building.” The conference also included a joint session with the Canadian Theological Society on “A Pilgrimage in Progress: A History of the United Church of Canada.”

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