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The following papers were presented to the Canadian Society of Church History in 2010, but were not made available for publication: Bruce Douville, “‘We’re Pushers of Christ’: Yorkville as a Mission Field, 1966-1971″; Chris Miller, “‘We are Christians and we are citizens’: Negotiating the Boundaries of Religious Identity within the United Church of Canada’s China Campaign, 1968-1969″; Marlene Epp, “Recipes for Religion: Foodways, Cookbooks and Mennonite Identity”; Barbara Murison, “‘Shaped by their Scottish education’: Enlightenment, Evangelicalism and the Ministers of Early Nova Scotia”; Robert Dennis, “Faith on the Prairies: Roman Catholic Engagement with the CCF during the 1930s and 1940s”; Richard Allen, “‘God’s truth comes to us in fragments’: Salem Bland and the Stormy Passage of a Liberating Mind, 1903-1950″; Andrew Eason, “A Cradle of Empire? The Salvation Army and Imperialism, 1878-1914″; Richard Enns, “‘Then shall the wilderness be glad and blossom as the rose’: Presbyterian Hopes for Indian Education at Regina, 1891-1910″; Rhonda Semple, “Connecting Through Disconnections: Cultural and Religious Meanings in London Missionary Society Work in Almora, UP, India”; Robynne Rogers Healey, “‘I am getting a considerable of a Canadian they tell me’: Connected Understandings in the Nineteenth-Century Quaker Atlantic”; James Tyler Robertson, McMaster University, “Band of Brothers: Connection and Tension within Methodism during the War of 1812″; Susan Fitzpatrick-Behrens, “Cross-Cultural Catholic Cooperative Development: From Antigonish to Guatemala”; Catherine LeGrand, “Development, Liberation Theology and the Peasant Movement for Agrarian Reform: Quebec Catholic Missionaries in Honduras, 1955-1975″; Ruth Compton Brouwer, “‘Reason over Passion’: CUSO’s Divided Response to the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970″; and Donna Kerfoot, “Caroline Fry: A Practical Theology of the Sacraments.”

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